Kerovit - Symphony of Colours

SAVIO Auto Open / Close Water-saving Smart Flush With the infrared smart sensor, the toilet lid automatically opens and closes when a user comes nearby and leaves the bathroom. After using the toilet, the water will be flushed automatically and intelligently, distinguishing between big and small flush. Wider Seat Heated Seat 10cm seat width with ergonomic design. Wider and more comfortable than other seat designs. Consistent warm usage through heat maintainance and temperature control. 181 182 SMART WC NIREN FLOOR MOUNTED AUTOMATIC FLUSH, TANKLESS SYSTEM, SIPHON WATER JET (TORNADO), TURBO WASH FUNCTION, 3 IN 1 FULL STAINLESS STEEL NOZZLE, UV LED STERILIZATION, ROUGH-IN: 300 MM KA999991 (AUTO OPEN/CLOSE SEAT COVER) SCAN FOR PRODUCT DEMO