Kerovit - Symphony of Colours

Kerovit, A Kajaria Company, is a reflection of luxurious design aesthetics and the highest quality standards. Enchanting the user, Kerovit is an experience of redefined, freshly curated craftsmanship. Attuned to the highest quality and regulatory standards, Kerovit caters to all bathroom requirements. The alluring range from the zestful collections of Faucets, Sanitaryware, Showers, Bathroom Furniture, and Accessories are an expression of Gen Z. Presenting THE BRAND Our Aurum Collection is a pure amalgamation of style, class and art. Designed to aesthetically dispel a Symphony of Colours, all our faucets, wash basins, showers, sanitaryware and bathroom accessories under this range are complete stunners and will certainly add a premium touch of luxury to your bathroom.