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Concealed Cistern
Pro Micro Cistern
Model No: KB51044

With Galvanized Frame

Pro Micro Cistern
Model No: KB51045

Model No: KO1051

(Push Plate Not Included)

Pro Micro Concealed Cistern
Model No: KB510124

Powder Coated Full Frame

Concealed Cisterns

Concealed Cisterns also referred to as hidden cisterns are those which are installed behind or inside wall or wall cabinet. Only the actuation or push-plates is accessible. Concealed cisterns are the most preferred option for the bathroom these days. It is space-saving and also aesthetically pleasing. Concealed Cisterns are best suited for compact bathrooms.

Benefits of Concealed Cisterns

  • Reduction of Noise: As concealed cisterns are installed inside the walls, the flushing noise gets remarkably reduced in your bathroom.
  • Easy Bathroom Cleaning: With concealed cistern, cleaning your bathroom becomes very easy. You don’t have to put in much effort to clean around or below the cisterns. It helps in maintaining the hygiene as it is installed behind the wall.
  • Best for compact or small-sized bathrooms: If you have a compact or small-sized bathroom, other cisterns might not be able to fit properly as they can make your bathroom cluttered. Installing concealed cistern in your bathroom makes your bathroom look less crowded and more spacious. Cisterns add more space and enhance the overall look of your bathroom.

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