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One Piece Toilet Seat
Model No: KB3026
Model No: KB3027
Model No: KB3007/817
Model No: KB3016
Model No: KB3031
Model No: KB029
Model No: KB3018
Model No: KB3029
Model No: KS703
Model No: KS702
Model No: KB326
Model No: KB639

One Piece Toilet

Elegant style and panache united with comfort

Kerovit’s wide range of One Piece Toilet are designed to enhance your bathroom decor and experience. Made with utmost precision Kerovit brings wellness into your home with great style and panache. One Piece toilet also referred to as a single piece toilet has both the tank and toilet joined together without any further joints.

One Piece Toilets give a modern appearance to your bathroom and are space saving. The water tank is fused with the bowl which makes it more compact and easier to clean. There are no joints or gaps between the bowl and water tanks so no dirt or grime gathers, making them super hygienic.

Benefits of One Piece Toilet Seat

  • It’s the best contemporary bathroom design for every modern home.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain as it has no gap between the water tank and bowl. Its more hygienic as there is no bacteria or dirt to hid between the gaps.
  • It is compact and space saving for your bathroom as it is a single piece. Best for small, compact bathrooms