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Model No: KS510

Urinal White

Division Plate
Model No: KS506

Sleek Design Urinal Partition

E Plus
Model No: KB7008

Urinal with Sensor

Model No: KB7027

Urinal with Sensor

Model No: KS508

Sensor Urinal With Fitting

Model No: KB7070

Urinal White

Model No: KS501

Sleek Design (Concealed Inlet Outlet) Black Inlet Urinal Fitting KS906

Rasso (Isi)
Model No: KS507

Large ISI Urinal

Model No: KS505

Flat Back Small Urinal

Model No: KO509

Squatting Urinal

Urinal Sensor
Model No: KA630002

ABS Sensotronic Sensor, AC/DC Flushing Valve With Complete Kit

Urinal Sensor
Model No: KA630001

SS Sensotronic Sensor, AC/DC Flushing Valve With Complete Kit

High Functionality with Water Conserving Urinals

A urinal is basically referred to as a sanitary plumbing fixture for urination only. Urinals are for male users so that they can pee easily in a standing position. They are intelligently designed as a single sanitary fixture to be fitted on your bathroom wall. Urinals can be automatic flushing, manual flushing, or sensor urinals. Urinals can be appropriately and conveniently been used by males.

The urinal range by Kerovit is water-saving, long-lasting ease of maintenance and provides optimum hygiene.

The modern technology: Sensor Urinals

Sensor urinals are a feature that is available for urinals. The basic technology used is an infrared sensor that can identify when someone is standing in front of the urinal and has moved away, it then activates the flush system. You will more commonly find them in workplaces and public restrooms. Sensor Urinals come with a Powerful flush, along with special rim hole design, which contributes to effective cleaning. It has an Optimized trap way design that ensures extraordinary flushing performance. It comes in our green innovation category line of products which makes it environment friendly and water saving.

Having sensor urinal, you are ensured that everything is cleaned automatically and properly without using hands for flushing. As it is hands-free, there is less wear and tear and no mishandling which lessens the chance of any damage. This makes sensor urinals last longer and makes them completely hygienic to use.

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