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8 Reasons to upgrade to a

Smart Toilet Seat

Hands Free

Cleans without using your hands

Self Cleaning

The Spout cleans itself automatically

Germ Free

Anti-Bacterial Coating the seat to safeguard against E-Coli and Staph

Easy to Install

3 step hassle-free installation on your existing commode

Fem Care

Designed for women and reduces the risk of UTI

Warm Seat

Choose from 3 different settings to warm the seat to a blissful temperature

Warm Water

Adjust the water temperature according to your needs

Warm Air

Caressess and dries you with gentle warm air at selectable temperatures

About Smartwash

Experience a whole new level of hygiene and comfort with Kerovit SmartWash. A range of German-engineered smart toilet seats that are designed for ease and comes with a host of features that relax, rejuvenate and soothe your senses. For an absolutely hands-free experience, each variant comes with an automatic spout that can be operated with a touch of a button. So you can sit back and indulge yourself while Kerovit SmartWash takes hygiene off your mind.

Star Features:

Spa(Water heating + Seat Heating)
Child Safety
Dryer + Dryer Temp

Best Product for you.

Check the video.

Controlled by a simple touch and German engineered technology, experience a revolutionary and hands-free wash with the innovative Kerovit SmartWash Toilet Seat. Explore the entire range here.

Types of Seats

Kerovit smart wash seats come in 2 sizes & shape options.

All to guarantee a perfect for any water closet.

Count on it to simplify hygiene in the restroom. Ease offers you two features that make smart seats desirable: Cleanse and Fem. Cleanse handles rear cleansing effortlessly, while fem deals with frontal cleansing for women with belan. Ease offers simplicity and no-frills functionality. All contributing to a never-before, hands-free bathroom experience.

A SmartWash seat that is sensitive to your senses and comfort, Sensa rapidly adjusts the temperature of the seat and the water. It is loaded with a little more intelligence, it senses the ambient temperature, at the touch of a button and adjusts the warmth of the seat and water accordingly.

Product Specification Function
Wash/Dry/Fragrance Functions Cleanse
Essential Functions E-Save
Seat Sensor
Spout Cleaning - Manual
Spout Cleaning - Auto
Spout Adjustment
Water Pressure - 5 Set Points
Safety Functions Self - Check while Power ON
Self - Diagnosis
Battery Life Indication
Anti - Bacterial Coating
Comfort Functions Warm Seat
Water Heating
Soft Lid/Seat Closing
Advanced Functions Automatic Lid/Seat Closing
Bowl Spray

Happy Customers

I have opted for Kerovit Sanitaryware for my new home and since then simply loved it. From amazing designs to smart toilet seats, my bathroom is not the same anymore.

Rishabh Kukreja

New Delhi

Thanks to Kerovit and its innovative range of products, my hotel is now absolutely guest ready. Fitted with the smart range, it has simply elevated the guests' expectations.

Akriti Bajaj


Not only confined to smart lifestyle, my business demands user-friendly products. It is the ease and flexibility of the Kerovit range that makes it perfect for my institution.

Sourav Raj

New Delhi

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