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Model No: KB1411010

Single Lever Basin Mixer Without Pop - up

Model No: KB1411001

Pillar Tap

Model No: KB1411004

Bib Tap With Flange

Medi Tap

Hygiene is very important when it comes to washing hands.Handwashing is seen as the most significant obstruction to cross-disease. Wrong utilization of clinical handwash basins may prompt cross-infection either from contaminated water or because of inability to clean hands. Elbow operated faucets, also known as Medi taps are utilized effectively to prevent recontamination of hands during an operation.

Kerovit comes with its range of Medi Taps with ergonomically and elongated shaped levers that enhance the convenience while operating and also make it easier for one to clean their hands.

Medi Taps are best for health sectors

Hygiene and ergonomics go hand in hand. Medi taps are mostly used in health sectors and in care facilities. These taps can be easily controlled by your elbow or underarm and your hands need not come in proper contact with them. This makes it easy for nursing and medical staff to keep their hands clean and hygienic.

Features of Medi Tap

  • Advanced, Cutting- edge Technologies
  • Enhanced hand hygiene in preventing the virus
  • Highly resistant surface finishes
  • Ergonomically shaped levers
  • The easy-to-clean mixer body design

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