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Model No: SENSA
Model No: EASE

SmartWash Seat Cover

Experience a whole new level of hygiene and comfort with Kerovit SmartWash Seat Covers. SmartWash is an intelligent, hygienic self-cleaning toilet seat cover technology.

Benefits of SmartWash Seat

  • Customized comfort

    This is an unusual way for describing a toilet seat, but a smart wash seat can remove the chills in winters with its heated seat. You can choose from its different temperature settings according to your comfort.

  • Superior clean and hygienic

    The cleaning functionality is easy to control and is completely hands-free. The spout automatically cleans itself. The seat comes with Anti-Bacterial Coating that ensures round-the- clock hygiene. The Fem care features are especially designed for women that help in reducing the risk of UTI.

Make your toilet smart today, Explore SmartWash by Kerovit!