What Makes a Good Faucet?

What Makes a Good Faucet?

| by Kerovit

It can be difficult for both first-time home buyers and seasoned homeowners to choose the correct faucet. It includes the quality and components as well as the style and finish. You can find a wide variety of faucets for your bathroom. However, the features and how well it will fit your basin is what makes the difference between low and high-quality models. 

Why is it important to pick a good faucet? Basically, cheap faucets can be unsafe and break easily, which is a waste of money. For example, you should avoid faucets made with harmful metals like copper and zinc alloys because they can harm your health if you are exposed to them for a long time.

When choosing a faucet, there are important differences to consider. One key factor is the number of handles. Single-handle faucets are more practical and make it easier to adjust water flow, while two-handle designs can add visual symmetry to your sink or counter.

It’s also important to consider the reach and height of the spout based on where the faucet will be installed. To ensure long-term reliability, your faucet should have a ceramic valve. Without it, you may experience dripping and water damage over time. So, it’s crucial to closely examine the location where the faucet will be installed and choose a faucet with a ceramic valve to prevent future problems.

The finish of the faucet plays a significant role. While some, like chromium, are extremely durable, others have an epoxy or similar coating that increases their stain and smudge resistance. Prior to making a choice based solely on appearance, it’s critical to investigate which finish will hold up over time. 

Four essential points to keep in mind are:

 Materials: It is constructed of durable, long-lasting materials on both the inside and the outside.

 Cartridge: It has a premium ceramic cartridge that is resistant to chemical deterioration and high heat. 

Aerator: It has a high-quality aerator that minimises noise, conserves water, and provides adequate scouring power. 

Finish & Plating: It is plated thickly, ideally with chrome or nickel, and is resistant to surface oxidation, corrosion, and blistering. 

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