How To Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents In Your Bathroom

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With regards to the safety of the elderly in a friend or family member’s home, the bathroom requires quick consideration. Many individuals are harmed in the bathroom every year. The greater injuries are by falling, with the individuals who are aged 65 or more have the highest injury rate.

In order to prevent slip and fall accidents, there are certain things that you can do:

Introduce Non-Slip Surfaces

Numerous falls are brought about by slippery surfaces. In order to prevent slips, it is prompted that you introduce non-slip surfaces on the floor of your bathroom. Non-slip decals ought to likewise be applied to bathroom tiles, which can be similarly dangerous as the tub when wet. Remove rugs or mats on which one can stumble upon and slip.

Keep your bathroom neat and dry

Whenever one takes bath or uses the bathroom, they need to ensure that the bathroom is left neat and dry. You can ensure the bathroom is dry by using a wiper to wipe all the water. You can even put a shower curtain so that they water from the shower doesn’t come to the toilet or basin side. Use rugs in order to soak the water.

Improve User-friendliness

Ensuring that commonly utilized things are inside simple reach in the bathroom where the danger of slipping or falling is increased. This is particularly significant in the shower/bath. Ensure that towels, shampoo, conditioner, etc. are in simple reach.

Cut Off all the Obstacles

Washroom security can be improved by evacuating things that are handily stumbled over. Probably the greatest hazard for the older is stumbling over the side of their bath.

Raise your toilet seat

Is your toilet seat low? You might not know but a low toilet seat requires a lot of effort and can even make it difficult for getting up. It is truly not for the ones that have mobility issues. A low toilet seat when leaking can leave your whole bathroom in mess but, that’s not the case with a high toilet seat.

Improve Visibility

For most elders, peeing frequently at any time of day and night is a common problem. By introducing night lights that enlighten the walkway from the room to the bathroom, you lessen the opportunity of a fall or injury.

Install hand shower or adjustable head shower

With a good hand shower or adjustable head shower, you can easily minimize your movements in the bathroom and even be extra careful. The water flow is in one direction and not the whole of your bathroom.
At last, don’t ever rush in the bathroom for a bath and be extra careful in order to avoid any slip and fall situation.

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