10 Helpful Tips for Designing a Custom Bathroom

10 Helpful Tips for Designing a Custom Bathroom

| by Kerovit

Bathrooms in India are not prioritized when it comes to designing them. This scenario is steadily changing. It is known that the bathroom is the single most frequently used room in the house. Hence, it becomes even more essential to invest time and money in designing the bathroom of your dreams. Nowadays, bathrooms are not just rooms that serve a purpose, but special focus is placed on the aesthetics and look and feel of the bathroom.

Custom bathrooms give you a feeling of serenity and personalization. Investing your time and money to design a custom bathroom that captures your style and personality can be a daunting task. Don’t worry, we have combined a list of tips to help design the bathroom of your dreams. These tips will help you take into consideration the space and the budget required to renovate your bathroom. Let’s get right into it.

   1. The Layout is Essential: Choosing the layout of the bathroom is the most crucial while designing a spacious custom bathroom. The layout of the bathroom should include enough space to accommodate each functional area. Another important thing to keep in mind while designing the layout is that the toilet should not be the focal point of the bathroom. Instead, let vanity be the first piece you see upon entering the bathroom.

   2. Adequate Illumination is Crucial: Proper lighting can make your bathroom seem more spacious by visually enhancing the bathroom area, making the ceilings look higher and the bathroom seem expanded. Lighting that does not create shadows can help create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. Also, adequate lighting is essential to prevent accidents in the bathroom.

   3. Opt for Low-Maintenance Bathroom Surface Materials: Porcelain is the most used material when it comes to bathroom surfaces. It is known for its durability. Another great property of porcelain is that it is dense and it does not absorb water, eliminating the chances of the formation of mold. Thus, we recommend choosing materials that are durable and non-porous for the surface of your bathroom.

   4. Focus on Flooring: Following factors should be considered while choosing your bathroom tiles:

  – Tiles should not be too slippery. Choose a slip-resistant tile for your bathroom flooring

–  If you choose a natural stone tile, make sure to seal them to prevent the formation of mold

Choose ceramic tiles for the flooring of your bathroom because of their non-porous property. It makes them waterproof and an ideal choice for bathroom flooring

5.  Color Creates Ambience: The bathroom is the first place you visit after waking up and most probably the last room you enter before going to bed. Hence, the ambience of the room is crucial as it can define your mood. Decide the ambience you want to evoke in your bathroom before choosing the color palette. Also, the paint you use for your bathroom walls should be water and stain-resistant.

6.  Windows are Essential: The bathroom has a lot of moisture. Having windows in the right place, considering the privacy and the flow of light, can prevent moisture from impacting your bathroom adversely. Windows in your bathroom should be placed well to limit the humidity. When you open the windows, allowing the light to flow in, it makes your bathroom seem bigger and spacious and also helps with ventilation.

7. Bathroom Cabinets: Depending upon the layout of your bathroom, you can choose the size of the cabinet. Understanding your space plan and your style will help you determine how minimal or advanced the cabinet should be. Storage is crucial when designing a custom bathroom.

8. Shower Designs: Selecting the shower design for your bathroom is much more than just aesthetics, logistics and style also have to be considered. You can choose an overhead shower or a handheld shower, or a combination of the two for your bathroom. Body jets are another option that you can consider while designing a custom bathroom.

9. Basin and Toilet Designs: Choosing a bathroom sink and toilet that matches your style is essential. You can consider the following sink designs to include in your custom bathroom:

Counter Top Basin

Wall-Hung Basin

Pedestal Basin

Semi Recessed Basin

Similarly, you should choose a toilet based on the layout and ambience of the bathroom. You can opt for any of the following toilet designs for your custom bathroom:

–   Smart Toilet

–  Wall-Hung Toilet

– Floor Mounted Toilet

– Concealed Cistern

10. Faucet Choices: The type of faucets used in your custom bathroom also plays a major role in defining your bathroom. You can choose traditional or modern look faucets that match the bath and basin. Kerovit’s Aurum Collection offers a wide variety of faucets that you can consider while designing the bathroom of your dreams. The following factors should be considered while choosing faucets for your bathroom:

– Chrome and Stainless steel faucets give a premium feel

Metallics faucets made from bronze or brass will provide a feeling of warmth to your bathroom

There you have it! We hope we were able to inspire you to invest your time and money in designing your very own custom bathroom. Taking matters into your own hands can be a daunting experience, but not with an expert by your side. We are here to help you design the bathroom of your dreams

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