5 Reasons why your bathroom deserves to be your favourite room

5 Reasons why your bathroom deserves to be your favourite room

| by Kerovit

Like most things in life, we often find something that either instantly or eventually becomes our favourite. Of course, it applies to our home as well. This is that one part of your house, that one room or space which feels like a home within a home. Certainly, there are plenty of factors that come into play when understanding which room of the house gets to be your favourite. Usually underrated in the list of contenders, your bathroom is actually the most unique room in your house, based on all that it has to offer.

Here are 5 reasons why your bathroom deserves to be your favourite room:

  1. It’s where your day begins & ends

The bathroom is where your day essentially begins. This is where you properly wake up, answer nature’s call, brush your teeth and admire how fresh you look after a great shower. As the day progresses and closes its end, you find yourself in the bathroom yet again. Using the sanitary ware, and just freshening up in general to get a good night’s sleep. So, your day pretty much does come full circle in your bathroom. Also, fun fact; we spend around 1.5 years of our lives in the bathroom.

  1. Your bathroom is a no judgement zone

Sing, dance, act, cry, laugh or whatever it is that you wish to do, you can do it without any inhibitions in your bathroom. Your bathroom accessories are the best audience in the world, as they just let you be. The level of freedom that one feels inside a bathroom is unparalleled.

  1. This is where you have the best ideas 

A study shows that 72% of people get creative ideas & profound thoughts in the shower. Maybe you had one this morning! There’s a strange solitude a bathroom provides, that allows you to just dive deeper into your thoughts and experience tranquillity, as you’re completely in your zone.

  1. Helps you make a great impression

The bathroom is one place that is used by everyone and yet not talked about as much. Imagine you have guests over and they ask you to point them in the direction of the bathroom. Having a bathroom that’s well taken care of instils a high level of confidence, as you leave a great impression about your personal hygiene. Who wouldn’t like a tidy toilet seat, a splash proof handwash basin and an overall comfortable experience while using the bathroom!

  1. You can’t stop using it

When you desperately need to use the bathroom, that’s when you realize its true importance. Not just the bathroom as a space, but the purpose it serves in our daily lives is something none of us can overlook. For instance, you use your toilet and don’t have a jet spray that does the job properly; you’re bound to get frustrated. A convenient and comfortable experience in the bathroom is very important in not just setting your mood, but also the tone of the entire house.

There you have it! 5 reasons why your bathroom deserves to be your favourite room. We hope you show your bathroom the care it deserves, because after all caring for your bathroom translates into self-care.

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