Designing Bathrooms for all generations: From old to young, we have something for everyone.

| by Kerovit

In the modern world, multigenerational living has become increasingly prevalent, with multiple generations of a family residing under the same roof. As this living arrangement gains popularity, creating spaces that cater to the diverse needs of different age groups becomes crucial. Bathrooms, being the most frequently used spaces in any home, require special attention. Kerovit, a leading brand in bathroom fixtures and accessories, recognizes the significance of inclusive and adaptable bathroom design. 

We appreciate the attention to detail, especially the average basin height of 34 inches, which ensures that people of all heights, from kids to the elderly, can use the bathroom comfortably. The standard height of the wall-hung fixtures also adds to the convenience, making the bathroom functional and adaptable for everyone in our family.

Let’s explore the challenges and innovative solutions in creating bathrooms that seamlessly blend style and functionality for multigenerational living.

1. Accessibility: Ensuring Inclusive Design


One of the primary challenges in designing for multigenerational living is ensuring accessibility for all users. The bathroom should be easily navigable for elderly individuals and those with mobility challenges, while still being convenient for younger family members. Additionally, incorporating curbless showers with handheld showerheads ensures easy access and a safe bathing experience for all family members.

2. Safety: Mitigating Hazards


Safety is a paramount concern when designing bathrooms for multigenerational living. Kerovit integrates various safety features to reduce potential hazards. Strategically placed anti-scald faucets prevent accidental burns. Well-placed and slip-resistant materials further enhance safety, minimising the risk of slips and falls for seniors and children alike.


3. Aesthetics: Harmonizing Style and Function


While functionality is paramount in multigenerational bathrooms, style should not be compromised. Kerovit offers a wide range of stylish fixtures and accessories that effortlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. From contemporary to classic designs, families can choose fixtures that complement their overall interior decor, creating a cohesive and inviting bathroom environment for all to relax.


4. Space Optimization: Maximising Utility


Multigenerational bathrooms must be designed to accommodate multiple users simultaneously without feeling crowded. Thoughtful organisation and ample storage ensure a clutter-free environment, contributing to an enhanced bathroom experience for all generations.

Designing bathrooms for multigenerational living requires a careful balance of style and functionality, and Kerovit rises to the occasion with its innovative solutions. By prioritising accessibility, safety, adaptability, aesthetics, and space optimization, Kerovit’s bathroom fixtures and accessories cater to the diverse needs of every family member, regardless of age or mobility.

With a commitment to inclusive design and a vast array of stylish options, Kerovit empowers families to create bathrooms that truly reflect their unique lifestyles and preferences. As multigenerational living continues to flourish, Kerovit remains a reliable partner in transforming bathrooms into spaces that foster harmony, comfort, and convenience for all generations living under one roof.

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