How a Wash Basin Design Can Make Your Washroom Luxurious

How a Wash Basin Design Can Make Your Washroom Luxurious

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A wash basin is an integral part of any bathroom, after all, you are bound to use it regardless of why you went inside. With the right kind of wash basin design, you can actually turn the entire look of your washroom around and give it a more premium finish by turning it into a centrepiece. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, minimalistic finish or a more rich alternative, a wash basin can help your cause because of their versatility when it comes to styles, sizes, and materials. 

A. Style

From wash basins with pedestals to semi recessed, over counter and under counter, many different kinds of basin styles are available. Even a wash basin with a pedestal can come in various different styles: wash basin with full pedestal, half pedestal, integrated pedestal, and integrated half pedestal. 

The entire look of your bathroom can change depending on the kind of pedestal you use.

Your bathroom can have a classier, more luxurious finish when you use a pedestal since it hides all the pipework and is primarily there for cosmetic purposes. In case of a wash basin with a full pedestal, it’s important to remember that they come in various shapes, sizes, colours and styles, thus making them a good fit for your bathroom no matter what the wash basin design is.

They also save up a lot of space and make your bathroom look bigger. In times when space is luxury, this little manipulation with your wash basin design is surely going to make your washroom seem more luxurious.

However, the best wash basin style to give a classy look to your washroom is a counter-top basin. These types of wash basins usually don’t have a specific purpose to serve (like space-saving or efficiency), and are thus available in a wide array of styles, shapes, and sizes.

The wash basin design in a counter-top basin is more important when compared to the rest because the style makes the basin seem like a centrepiece more than a basic, functional entity.

Not to forget, these basins go up on a shelf or a worktop, thus the kind of style you choose needs to complement the overall look and feel of the rest of the elements in the washroom for a luxurious finish. 

Another great way of making the washroom more luxurious through your wash basin design is by installing a wall hung basin. Just as pedestal wash basins, they make the bathroom seem a lot bigger because of the unused space under them.

B. Shape

To add that slightly more premium touch to your washroom, another thing that can be looked into when deciding on a wash basin design is the shape of it. Traditionally, the wash basin is in either an oval or a rectangular shape, however, many artistic shapes and designs are now available in the market that can really help enhance the look of your washroom.

C. Material used

Besides the actual wash basin design, the kind of material you use is also an important factor and goes a long way in deciding just how premium and luxurious your bathroom seems.

Ceramic is one of the most popular options since it’s easy to clean, scratch proof and resistant to limescale and other chemicals. However, opting for other materials is also a great way to make  your wash basin stand out.

Glass is one such material, while it’s more fragile than the rest, the finish it provides is quite superior and is a good choice in washrooms where people can be trusted with it! Due to its thermal shock resistance, stone is increasingly becoming a common material for wash basins, especially for zen-inspired washrooms.

However, one of the most common contemporary materials used for wash basins these days is resin, in addition to being an extremely hygienic alternative, the material offers a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Needless to say, most of these materials can only be experimented with in counter top wash basin designs. Despite all these options available in the market, ceramic remains to be one of the most common material used for wash basins, its durability and resistance is second to none.   

 While we all look for different ways to make our bathroom look more luxurious, what we don’t realise is the wash basin can make or break its entire look. This is why it’s extremely important to decide on the wash basin’s design while planning a bathroom.

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