Let’s Renovate: 5 Signs it’s Time to Refurbish Your Bathroom

| by Kerovit

The bathroom being the most used room in the house, it is not surprising that it is the most vulnerable to wear and tear. While you might be under the impression that your bathroom is functioning fine, there are times that it sends you signals that it needs renovation. Grabbing these signals and acting on them will make your everyday life more convenient. We understand that you might not have the time to look out for these signs, but don’t sweat, we are here to help you. We have outlined 5 major signs that you need to look out for to realize that your bathroom needs to be refurbished. Let’s see what these signs are:

 1. Functionally Flawed: If you have a small bathroom and it feels like it doesn’t serve the purpose properly, it is time to refurbish your bathroom. The main idea here is not to increase the space but creatively design the current space to derive more functionality. This might involve adding more storage, new lighting, changing a bathtub for a shower, or changing the layout completely

2. Leaks and Damages: Leaky faucets and toilets, cracked tiles, or rusty fixtures are certainly not the aesthetics you want in your bathroom. When no matter how much you clean your bathroom, it still looks old and worn out, it is a sign that you need to renovate your bathroom. Fixing the issues like leaks and mold should be a priority. Other damages like fixing the basin, tiling, swapping leaky faucets and other damaged fixtures with new fixtures should also be prioritized according to your budget.

3. Health Hazard: A bathroom is a room that usually has high traffic. Your entire family uses the bathroom, and hence it becomes even more important to look out for signs that tell you that your bathroom is a health hazard. These signs may include:

a.  Slippery Floors: May lead to accidents

b. Inadequate Lighting: May result in trips and falls

c. Poor Ventilation: This May result in the formation of mold, leading to skin-related diseases and allergies

These are the most important signs that you need to look out for, especially if you have elderly people or children using the bathroom. We have all heard the phrase, “Prevention is better than cure”. Keeping in line with this, it is better to invest in your bathroom, whenever these signs show, to avoid accidents.

4. Worn-Out Plumbing: Water-efficient plumbing is an important asset to have in your bathroom. With use, the plumbing is vulnerable to wear and tear and might deteriorate in quality with time. It is understandable that you don’t get the complexities of plumbing, but it is important to at least be aware of its functioning. If not, it can seriously damage your home. If a plumbing issue is not addressed in time, it can lead to clogged pipes and even flooding of your home. Reach out to a plumber to check the status of your bathroom regularly to avoid a potential flooding hazard.

5. Out of Place Décor: If your bathroom looks outdated, with décor that does not match your personality, it’s time to refurbish your bathroom. If you are planning to sell your house in the future, a bathroom renovation that gives you a modern feel with high-quality fixtures increases the value of the house. If your bathroom feels like it is stuck in an older era, you can upgrade your toilet, sink and shower with the latest models. You can also add a fresh coat of stain-free paint and invest in the tiling to give your bathroom a more modern look and feel.

Is it time to renovate your bathroom yet? If you are witnessing any of these 5 signs, it is certainly time to refurbish your bathroom. You don’t have to be an expert for this, just come back and read this blog whenever you need help.


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