Small Bathroom, Big Ideas!

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Imagine having a large and spacious bathroom, where you can fit a bathtub and a shower and still have space to include bathroom accessories. Isn’t that the dream? Contrary to the dream, the current trend depicts that efforts are made to fit more population into less area at an affordable price. Thus, owning a bathroom that is large and spacious can only be a potential dream. Small bathrooms are trending, pushing the owners to become more creative within the space provided. If you own a small bathroom, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will talk about the balance of space and function so that you can make the most of a tiny space and make your bathroom look bigger and more spacious. Let’s dive straight into it.

Let the Natural Light in!

The more light you invite into your small bathroom, the larger and brighter it will appear. If you have windows in your bathroom, let the natural light flow in. Natural light will make sure to give the feel of open space, thus making your bathroom seem bigger and more spacious. If you don’t have window sills in your bathroom, don’t worry, invest in a large mirror. Large mirrors will illuminate your bathroom by reflecting all the light and making your bathroom appear bigger.

Utilizing wall cavities for some Recessed Shelves:

Using bulky storage and shower shelf that protrudes the available bathroom space can be overpowering for a small bathroom. Instead, you can utilize the space within wall cavities to introduce recess shelving. This is ideal as it does not take much of the available valuable bathroom space. This way you can increase the storage capacity of your bathroom without making the room seem cramped. Recess shelves are a great way to make more space in your small bathroom and make it look bigger and less cramped.

Corner and Wall-Hung Fittings Save Space:

If you want your small bathroom to appear spacious, ensure that you are making the most of the limited space. Using wall-mounted sinks can save a lot of bathroom space when compared to vanity cabinets. This is inexpensive and will certainly open up more floor space in the bathroom. Corner toilets also save a significant amount of floor space and make the bathroom seem bigger.

Use a Simple All-White Color Palette for the Walls:

Choosing a light color such as white, neutral, and pastels is ideal for a small bathroom. White instantly will make your bathroom feel airy, well-lit, and open. If you are looking to make your small bathroom appear bigger and spacious, match the flooring and wall colors. Make sure to avoid dark walls as they can overpower a small bathroom and make it seem smaller and full of clutter.

Invest in Good Lighting:

Keep the lighting ‘light’. The idea is to make your bathroom brighter. Bathrooms can be tricky to light well as numerous fittings can lead to shadows, so it is important to invest in lighting that can illuminate the bathroom accessories and space well. Getting the lighting of your bathroom right not only makes your small bathroom appear more spacious but can also make the space more functional.

Use Glass Panels instead of Curtains:

The issue with a shower curtain is that it can be inconvenient as it sticks to your body while showering and is difficult to clean. Curtains can hide one-third of your bathroom making it visually cramped. Swapping a shower curtain with a frameless glass panel will allow the flow of light and your bathroom will seem bigger and spacious. The benefits of using a glass panel is that it is easy to install and maintain. It makes a small bathroom look bigger.

We hope we managed to help you see that the limited bathroom space is not a problem, rather an opportunity to design the bathroom of your dreams. No matter how small your bathroom space is, you can always be creative with the design to make it seem spacious and look bigger.

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