Why health faucets are a healthier alternative

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Health faucets also commonly referred to as jet sprays are the handheld triggered nozzles that are used to spray water for cleaning the anal and genital areas after defecation and urination. Known under different names – bidet shower, hand faucet, and bathroom health faucet – these bathroom amenities are undeniably an essential part of any bathroom. They are convenient, hassle-free, and most of all, they enable better personal hygiene. Cleanliness is also well maintained, with accuracy and ease. Here are some of the reasons why health faucets are a healthier alternative

– Focus Area
Certain body parts that need cleansing aren’t as easily accessible while using toilet papers. This is when a health faucet can truly help focus on that particular area and give you complete control so that Can easily focus on cleaning a specific area of the body and thus provides better, more thorough cleaning . More control over the area that needs to be cleaned.

– Complete Cleansing
A single use of toilet paper might not necessarily give you complete cleansing of the rear. Even two wipes can sometimes feel unclean. However, while using a health faucet, one can be assured of thorough and complete cleaning with every use. Not just this, using toilet paper can sometimes lead to contact of the waste with the hands,  none of this is possible with health faucets, making it a much healthier alternative.

– Prevents Irritation
Certain types of toilet paper aren’t as soft and comfortable on the skin as others. Using these instead of a health faucet can sometimes cause irritation and other issues related to the skin. Health faucets eliminate the chances of this happening entirely since the cleansing process involves a flow of water and nothing else

While health faucets are a great alternative for your personal health and hygiene, they’re also a great alternative for the environment, your plumbing and even your wallet!

According to some studies, the production of toilet paper contributes to the cutting down of more than 27,000 trees on a daily basis. This means that all these trees are literally being flushed down the drain. In the age where climate change is showing its real impact, switching to health faucets can help save these important resources for all life. 

Moreover, while using toilet paper, one always runs the risk  of clogging their toilets, making sprays/health faucets a healthier alternative. 

Health faucets might be a healthier option for you, but they’re a lot more than that. They can help improve the overall look of your bathroom and complement the other accessories you have. Even the smallest of details while setting up the bathroom go a long way, which is why one should never leave their focus from picking the right health faucet in terms of style and finish.

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