5 Amazing ways you can save water in your bathroom

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Given the present environmental state of the world, water conservation is certainly the need of the hour. While we all know some ways or others to save water in our day to day lives, not many of us consciously make an effort to do it. Ever wonder why? Perhaps because most people find it to be a task that requires time and effort. However, saving water is one of the easiest things one can do in the bathroom.  The fact that these ways are so simple, makes them amazing.

Here are 5 amazing ways you can save water in the bathroom:

1. Minimal wastage from the faucet:

Since the advent of the global coronavirus pandemic, the importance of thoroughly washing your hands regularly, has come into the limelight. While most of us follow this (as we should), we should also make sure we don’t leave water running either between washing hands or afterwards for even a second. See? It’s that simple. All you have to do is make sure you turn off the faucet when it’s not being used.

2. Don’t always take your time in the shower:

Who doesn’t enjoy a rejuvenating shower after a long day or just a great shower experience to get you going in the morning. But wait, before you start reminiscing about how good your last shower was, take a moment and also reflect on how much water would’ve been wasted in that same shower. Statistics show that on an average, approximately 9.5 litres of water is used every minute in the shower. Didn’t expect that, right? Well, it’s true and the sooner we realize the importance of keeping showers to an optimum duration, the more water we save!

3. Shave smart. Save smart:

What makes for a great shaving experience? A nice razor, a gorgeous mirror and warm water. While it’s okay to admire yourself in the mirror for as long as you like, it’s certainly not okay to leave the water running during your shaving process. Shaving should go hand in hand with saving (water). 

4. Best tweak? No leak:

You can have the best of bathroom accessories, interior designs and just overall great sanitaryware, and yet be wasting water without realizing. Once in a while, just do a quick check on whether there are any leaks in the bathroom or if the faucet wasn’t properly turned off; water keeps dripping overnight. Basically, making sure you’re not even wasting a single drop can make an ocean of a difference to your daily water conservation goals in the bathroom. 

5. Let those towels dry:

A lot of people throw their bath towels right in for washing, after every use. Are you one of those people? If yes, it’s a great time to make a change! Hang your bath towel out to dry in the sun next time! This way, you will get to reuse it on a regular basis and the towel will still feel very crisp and dry.

There you have it! These were some simple ways we can conserve water on a daily basis. 

Save water. 

Help shape a bluer tomorrow for us all. 

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