Add a touch of nature to your bathroom this summer

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We all know that there is nothing quite as rejuvenating as the great outdoors. This is an excellent reason why you should consider adding a touch of nature to your bathroom. There are many factors that suggest why your bathroom deserves to be your favourite room and there’s nothing better than accentuating its aura by incorporating some elements from mother nature. This is bound to fill your bathroom with zen energy further and help you rinse off the chaos of the outside world every day.  

Here’s how you can add a touch of nature to your bathroom, this summer:

  1. Indoor plants are the way to go:

What’s better than having the charm of nature right in your bathroom! Adding some great interior plants to your bathroom will certainly give you a proper feel of the outdoors, while making the bathroom appear more vibrant with greenery. You can choose from a variety of hanging and potted plants, which give you fresher air to breathe in, by filtering out the pollutants. Plants increase humidity, reduce dust and help lower your stress levels. One great way to repay the plants is by saving water in the bathroom for them everyday.

  1. Big windows make a bigger impact:

If the view from your bathroom has elements of nature like trees, plants or even a garden, it’s a great idea to get your bathroom windows slightly enlarged. With bigger windows, you will have a broader view of the area that’s outdoors. Thanks to this, the tranquility factor of the bathroom goes up a notch. Great weather outside? That’s the perfect time to open the windows and let the fresh air inside. Finally, the best part about getting bigger windows in your bathroom, is the natural light that enters and provides your daily dose of Vitamin D. Imagine the sunshine bouncing off your bathroom accessories and naturally illuminating the entire space!

  1. Use natural objects that naturally embellish the bathroom:

Apart from a beautiful faucet, wash basin and brilliantly designed sanitary ware in your bathroom, you should definitely consider using some natural objects for adding that special tinge of nature. You can aesthetically place objects like sea shells, bamboo vessels, well cut limestones and even sand in cup holders, and enjoy the calm it induces. A serene atmosphere in the bathroom can easily be achieved through such small details in design, while being easy on the pocket!

  1. Give your bathroom Earth tone touches:

Colors that are flashy, aren’t the best for your bathroom. To give it a look that’s more inspired from nature, using bathroom supplies that are Earth-toned are perfect. Whether it has a feel of beaches, forests or even deserts, going for a brownish tone for your bathroom furniture will surely enhance the look and feel in a more nature-inspired manner.

This summer, feel the aura of the great outdoors right inside your bathroom with these simple changes!

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