Top 5 Bathroom Maintenance Tips This Monsoon!

Top 5 Bathroom Maintenance Tips This Monsoon!

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Monsoon is a favorite season for most people. It brings respite from the scorching heat, you know, cools things down a little. Did you know, some people don’t really enjoy monsoons as much as others. These are housemakers! People who like their houses to be clean and tidy often end up struggling during the monsoon season. The bathroom is a major part of the house and maintaining it in the monsoons can be quite a task. Being your well-wishers, we have compiled a list of bathroom maintenance tips that will help you this monsoon to not only amp up your bathroom but also maintain it properly during this wet and humid season.

A bathroom, for people, is a space of comfort and personalization. Imagine this space being clumsy, messy, or shaggy. It will definitely disturb the peace of the entire house. Therefore, it becomes much more important to maintain your bathroom during the monsoon season. Below is a list of 5 maintenance tips you can use to upgrade your bathroom so that it is monsoon-ready!

  1.   Avoid using rugs:

Many people like having a rug or a clothed doormat on the bathroom door. It not only soaks the feet entering and exiting the bathroom but it also adds to the look and feel of the bathroom. Monsoon is a time when the streets are muddy and wet. If this mud sticks onto the clothed doormat, it will be spoiled. So maintenance tip number 1, replace the clothed doormats and rugs with plastic doormats. They will be more efficient in keeping the mud and water outside so that your bathroom is squeaky clean.

  1.   Keep it light:

If you want to have a bathroom full of aura and appeal, heavy curtains are the way to go. They look extremely mesmerizing and cast an image that would be remembered by your guests. But during the monsoon season, when the walls are full of leakage and dampness, it’s not such a great idea to have heavy curtains in the bathroom. This is because such curtains are more likely to get drenched and eventually lead to a spike in the humidity level inside the bathroom

  1.   Water resistance helps:

Monsoon is a time when all your stuff needs to be water-resistant. Monsoon means there is going to be a lot of moisture. Ensure that all the wooden stuff and the furniture in your bathroom are well polished so that the moisture is unable to damage it.

  1.   Keep it ventilated:

Keep your bathroom sufficiently ventilated. Ventilation is one sector that cannot be ignored. Especially in monsoons, the bathroom surface always has moisture, and after it rains, the humidity rises which combines and the most comfortable space in your house becomes messy and unbearable. Upgrade to better exhaust fans this monsoon to dehumidify the air and keep your bathroom always dry and clean!

  1.   Keep it lively:

Lastly, a touch of details that add to the overall appeal of your bathroom is crucial. Placing a plant or a candle can really go a long way in transforming your bathroom this monsoon. Repurposing furniture in the bathroom, using an old drawer to store bath essentials and other products also adds more convenience for you. Installing a furniture-style vanity that is water-resistant can uplift the energy of your bathroom this monsoon. 

There you have it. We hope you go all out this monsoon giving your bathroom the makeover of your dream. Monsoon can be a challenging season for a homemaker or a bathroom enthusiast as maintenance becomes a task. We hope our ideas will help you turn things around this monsoon.

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