Transforming Your Bathroom – Trends of 2022

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Despite being one of the most frequently visited places in a home, bathrooms tend to be overlooked when it comes to embodying comfort and a contemporary design. Primarily because bathroom renovation is an expensive affair and often a tedious task. Nevertheless, a bathroom is not limited to its fixtures, faucets, and tiles. These are three bathroom trends that will help bring life to your sanctuary in 2022 :

1. Mixing Old and New 

Consumers, more than ever before, are now more informed about what they prefer, love, and want. They are willing to take relatively more risks when it comes to bathroom design, to create something truly unique. The secret to making it work is in its balance, the mixture of old and new. Opposites often attract and the same is applicable here as well. Pairing a traditional bathroom with a modern and sleek faucet, or a vintage faucet with a modern washbasin may work wonders in the look and feel of the whole bathroom. Bathroom marble is also not the only luxury element that people vie for in 2022. The ideas of calmness and serenity remain supreme in the world of bath designs, but they have now been blended with luxurious finishes and striking features. Nostalgic Futurism and Organic Modern Minimalism remain the two front runners in the mixture of old and new.

2. Ample of Plants  

“In 2022, there has been a significant rise in the trend of biophilia” said Henry Prideaux of Henry Prideaux Interior Design. Bathrooms have now become safe havens allowing you to retreat into a relaxing space that has been beautifully and poetically dressed with plants. This helps create an aura bereft of stress and anxiety. Plants are also often used for styling interiors, acting not only as a focal point but also improving the quality of air in the house.

3. Spa-Like Experience 

Specialty features that create a spa-like retreat have now become a priority for most homebuyers. Create a serene spa-like experience in the comfort of your bathroom with a few luxurious extras such as scented candles and body oils. “In the highly stressful lives we all lead, our bathrooms are becoming more of a sanctuary as it is a place where we can practise mindfulness in a peaceful and private environment. Minimal changes can be made to achieve this such as keeping away from bright and vibrant colour schemes and decluttering. You can go bold with minimalist furniture or simply add a few candles and crystals and get yourself an over bath book or tablet holder, which we are seeing more of recently.” said Hannah Connoway of Bathrooms of Distinction



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