Shying away from showers this winter? Here are some awesome tips for the best winter shower experience!

| by Kerovit

“Damn, it’s too cold outside! I think I’ll just stay in bed and postpone my shower till tomorrow.”

We’ve all had such thoughts in the chilling months of winter, haven’t we? 

As humans, we always find ways to remain in our comfort zone and avoid activities that require us to compromise it. But you must’ve also noticed how most of such activities are usually essential in nature; growth doesn’t happen in the comfort zone afterall! This is exactly the case with showering during winters. It is imperative that we all maintain daily hygiene regardless of how the weather gods behave. 

So, here are few great tips that will help you avoid procrastinating your showers during winters and turn the bathroom into your comfort zone:

1. Mix it up, Thermo style!

Don’t underestimate the power and efficiency of a robust thermostatic mixer! It is highly recommended to invest in a thermostat, as it doesn’t just help controlling the temperature but also makes the overall experience of a shower much more enjoyable! So, whether it’s winter or summer, a thermostatic mixer added to your shower space will get you in the perfect mood before you head out and take on the day! Check out our multi-flow thermostat with 6 diverters and feel the power of a good shower like never before.

2. Don’t go overboard.

Many of us are habituated with taking a shower multiple times a day. We don’t recommend you to do this in the months of winter, though. This will keep you at a lower risk of falling sick and also help boost your daily water savings in the bathroom!

3. Balance it out.

Another great tip for you is to not just rely on scorching hot water from the shower as a means of comfort this winter. Ensure that you use lukewarm water, which is perfectly balanced out in terms of temperature. This will keep your skin well hydrated, as hot water dehydrates the skin more than we realize. Stick to relatively cooler water and you’ll see the benefits unravel!

4. Time it right!

It’s only natural for us to keep standing under the hot shower when it’s cold outside. The feeling of pure relaxation is so tempting that we want it to last longer than usual showers during summer time. However, we recommend not doing so during winters and keeping your shower time to an optimum duration. Get in, let the flow work its magic, relax, soap it up, rinse and out! This will reduce the chances of you catching a cold and even save water in the bathroom!

5. Warm towels for the win!

Don’t you just hate it when you turn the shower off and those brief moments when you’re standing there wet, trying to get yourself warmer? All you gotta do is keep some warm towels handy whenever you enter the shower and it’ll do the job for you. Get yourself a sturdy towel rack and hang your warm towels there for easy access!

These are some simple ways you can have the best shower experience this winter.

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