Hand Washing 101 with Kerovit

Hand Washing 101 with Kerovit – Importance of frequently washing your hands and useful tips!

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You must’ve surely heard this around – “The future is in your hands”. Right? Well, at Kerovit, this certainly resonates with us in a way more literal sense. Even before the pandemic hit and left the world shaken, we all grew up with hand washing as a part of our daily routine. While we may be doing it on a regular basis, many of us are still yet to learn about the true importance of hand washing and the role it plays in shaping up a healthier future for the collective population.

Since the pandemic became a part of our new normal, doctors around the world have been reiterating how crucial it is to keep our hands well sanitized. Hand sanitizers have surely come into the limelight recently and rightly so. However, there is no substitute to washing hands meticulously with water and soap. This just goes to show its importance and among the various other reasons, we have compiled the most prominent ones for you along with some useful tips.

Here’s why frequent hand washing is just as important as breathing, and will literally increase your chances of ‘breathing’ if the future has another chapter of the pandemic:

Say sayonara to germs!

Regularly washing your hands builds your first line of defence against those evil germs and will significantly increase your chances of staying protected against many diseases. This is one of the most proven ways to keep your immunity charged up and avoid falling prey to the formidable coronavirus. It’s a known fact that having a well maintained hygiene plays a vital role in a person’s general health and washing your hands properly is equally a part of it. Now that the pandemic has slightly eased over time, we must not let our guard down and should ensure that we maintain our handwashing hygiene at the workplace, home, public places and every other place that exposes us to the presence of germs.

The dynamic duo – Soap & Water

It must be kept in mind that the sanitizer alone won’t suffice when it comes to all round safety against viruses and bacteria. Have you ever heard of gastroenteritis? It’s a type of stomach flu that cannot be avoided if you’re just using a sanitizer for basic protection. On the other hand, the combination of an antibacterial soap and tap water properly cleans away the germs and ensures safety against multiple diseases such as these.

Running water is your best friend

If you’re using a bowl of standing water to wash your hands, stop right away! It’s a big no when it comes to wanting complete cleanliness of your hands. You should always use running water that flows smoothly out of the faucet, cleans your hands and seamlessly makes its exit through the wash basin. But wait! You must make sure that you don’t get carried away in the soothing experience of hand washing; make sure you don’t waste water. An amazing way to do this is by switching to a Sensor Faucet, that doesn’t just embellish the overall aesthetics of your bathroom but also helps you do your bit for a greener future. Thank us later!

If it feels right, it’s right!

Wondering when it’s the right time to wash your hands on a daily basis? Don’t you fret! We got your back (and your hands). Make sure you properly clean your hands with water and soap:

  1. When you get home from work or any public place
  2. Before, after and during cooking
  3. Before and after eating
  4. Before and after interacting with someone ill
  5. After touching an animal
  6. After using the toilet
  7. After cleaning your house


So, as we mentioned before, ‘if it feels right, it’s right’! Use your common sense and logic to discern upon a good time to wash your hands!

These were some tips and reasons on why hand washing is more important than you realize. We hope you keep them clean for a ‘hands on’ experience of happiness and freedom!

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