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Bathrooms are special spaces of your home that simply help us bridge the gap between dirtiness and cleanliness in every day of our lives. And whenever there’s a conversation about bathroom hygiene, it surely involves a toilet, as toilets are one of the most integral parts of a bathroom. The importance of toilet hygiene can never be stressed upon enough, as it plays a vital role in our daily health and wellness.

There are several types of toilets, however they all have one thing in common; the need for proper maintenance. While you may know that maintaining a toilet’s cleanliness requires slightly more effort than other components of the bathroom, such as the shower, wash basins or even faucets for that matter. However, this is mostly in case of standard toilets that have a rim. 

Expert TipMaking a shift to Rim-Free Toilets will certainly help you in this regard as cleaning rimless toilets are way easier to maintain and clean! 

Improper maintenance of toilets make way for a wide array of contaminations and put you at a risk of diseases and infections. No one would want that, right? So, let’s get straight into some ways you can maintain your toilet hygiene in the best way possible:

Flushing the right way

Did you know that germs have the ability to be dispersed almost 10 inches above the toilet seat with every flush? Now that’s daunting, isn’t it! Don’t you worry, there’s a super simple way to avoid contracting any such scary microbes the next time you flush your toilet. All you have to do is make sure you shut the lid of the toilet before flushing and that’s it! Pretty simple, right? This way you won’t be giving the germs to fly out and reach the surface of the toilet seat which will eventually be touched. If this is not practised, there is a possibility that your hands become carriers of these germs and this way you’re not just putting yourself at the risk of disease, but others as well. 

Squeaky clean toilet seats

Keeping toilet seats clean is more important than most realise. Many of us are so engaged in our daily life’s hustle and bustle, that when it’s time to clean the bathroom or specifically the toilet, we meticulously clean the insides of the toilet bowl and tend to just wipe the toilet seat with a cloth. Is it harmless, though? Nope! Since the toilet is used by multiple people in its lifespan, there is always a possibility that the toilet seat is home to a fairly large number of germs that can lead to health issues such as UTIs (urinary tract infections) and even pneumonia. Here’s what you gotta do – raise the seat, cleanse inside the top and the edge of the seat with a cleaning solution. Wipe down the top, seat, and pivots at the rear of the toilet seat. Voila! You now have a germ-free toilet seat!

Soap it up

Growing up, we all learnt our bathroom manners. However, as we got older and much busier, some of us started discounting the value of washing our hands after using the toilet and started doing it just for namesake (some don’t even do that). Before you start feeling like ‘Oh that doesn’t concern me. I always wash my hands after using the toilet’, we’re telling you this for two reasons; One, you might not be washing your hands as properly as they need to be washed. Two, you can always share this knowledge with others who you know don’t spend much time properly washing their hands after using the toilet. So, once you’re done spending time on the throne, walk up to your soap dispenser, squeeze out a moderate amount of soap, cleanse your palms, fingers, fingernails and wash it off clean with water. It might also interest you to know that by washing your hands with water and soap after using the toilet, you’ll be one of the people who are 30% less likely to get diarrhoea! 

The finishing touches

Now that you have used the toilet and even washed your hands, you are ready to walk out like a champ. But wait! Just a couple more moments of your time would be needed to ensure that you have achieved the highest level of hygiene from using the toilet today. Simply wipe your hands dry with a towel, which you should ideally be having placed on a towel rail inside your bathroom. This is because damp hands are 1000 times more likely to spread germs. Next up, just quickly wipe the floor and keep it dry as you wouldn’t want to slip in the bathroom and hurt yourself. Another reason why you don’t want a moist bathroom floor is because it’s like a nesting ground for bacteria. 

We hope you have learned some things about maintaining toilet hygiene or even re-learnt some stuff that you forgot to think of in the midst of everything you’re busy with. 

Stay clean, stay safe!

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