Hygienic Bathroom, Hygienic You: Best ways to keep your bathroom clean!

Hygienic Bathroom, Hygienic You: Best ways to keep your bathroom clean!

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A bathroom always has and always will continue to serve the purpose of hygiene for us humans, in our daily lives. But what if we told you that the bathroom itself needs care and cleanliness the same way that it provides? And did you know that an untidy bathroom can put you at a direct risk of infections (viral/skin/lung) and even pneumonia among several others.

In order to steer clear of any such health risks and to get the maximum out of these special spaces of your home, we must ensure that bathroom maintenance never takes a backseat and must always give high priority to consistently keeping the bathroom a place of hygiene. Afterall, a hygienic bathroom means a hygienic you!

Here’s how you can keep your bathroom clean throughout the year:

1. It begins with priorities

Since the bathroom is such an integral part of our daily routine, we tend to pile up the space with several items that don’t necessarily belong there anymore. For instance, you are used to reading a magazine every morning while using the toilet and before you even realized, a pile of magazines have started to overshadow some lovely bathroom accessories you got; this is a waste of space! Similar to this, there are bound to be items such as empty toothpastes, empty body wash bottles, soap wrappers etc. All you gotta do is get yourself a small dustbin that can be placed in the bathroom and any extra stuff is cleaned out on a regular basis. This will majorly aid the bathroom cleaning process and give you a fresher headspace!

2. A clean toilet goes a long way

A toilet plays one of the most vital roles in the bathroom when it comes to hygiene. We all know that different types of toilets are all built to serve the same purpose – keeping a person’s bowel hygiene in check and convenient urination. However, it is imperative for a toilet to be meticulously cleaned on a rather regular basis or else it can pose risks of disease to the users. Even the best sanitaryware requires proper care and you can do that with some simple steps:

– Thoroughly clean your toilet bowl with a good toilet cleaner that you can get from your local grocery store. After letting it settle for 4-6 Minutes in the bowl, properly scrub it using a hard bristle toilet brush. This way you can easily get rid of those annoying toilet stains.

– Use an effective disinfectant and tissue paper to ensure that the toilet seat cover is also wiped clean. 

– If you have a toilet that needs to be flushed with a handle, we have two tips; Firstly, ensure that you spray the disinfectant on the flush handle as well to make sure that your toilet is fully cleaned. Secondly, it’s time you make a shift to wall hung toilets as they’re way easier to clean and look classier! 

Bonus Tip: Disinfect the toilet brush after use!

3. Wash the Basin

The wash basin is an equally important part of the bathroom and must be cleaned on a regular basis with the use of a mild yet effective disinfectant. We also recommend getting a drain cleaner, which properly cleans blocked drain pipes and ensures seamless flow of water into the sink. We advise not to use harsh chemicals on wash basins and even faucets, as it may cause harm to the product. Instead, use mild soap, brushes and cloth to get rid of stains. 

4. Give the shower a bath

If you’re cleaning the bathroom, there is absolutely no way you can miss out on giving your shower a solid cleaning. The most pivotal part of a shower is perhaps the shower head. For the shower head to be fully clean, you must detach it from its fixed spot. There is a possibility that you may find quite a bit of hard water clogged in the shower (this happens when you neglect regular cleaning of the shower). Contrary to what many believe, cleaning a clogged shower is actually pretty simple. Here’s how:

– Use vinegar to fill a container or box.

– Put the unclean shower head in the abovementioned box.

– Leave the shower head be and let it soak for a night.

That’s it! That is all you gotta do in order to clean a shower head. If you happen to find any buildup remaining the next day, just use a handy toothbrush for scrubbing the holes of the shower head.

There you have it! These are the main ways you can keep your bathroom spick and span on a regular basis, for you and your bathroom to remain hygienic! Apart from the points mentioned above, we also recommend taking care of the basics, such as cleaning the bathroom floor with a wiper and keeping all the bathroom accessories clean with the help of a mild soap. 

We hope this helps! Make sure you also check out bathroom ethics that you always need to follow.

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