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All you need to know about Rim-Free Toilets – A part of Kerovit’s Green Innovation

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Rim-Free Toilets are trending these days and are increasingly gaining popularity among homeowners, thanks to the fact that these types of toilets are incredibly easy to clean, maintain and provide a considerably high level of hygiene. A rear-mounted valve is used to push out water horizontally into the toilet bowl, along the sides. No waste can ever get stuck or even enter in case of rim-free toilets, as there is no crevice that’s hidden. 

If you’re thinking about making a shift to Rim-Free Toilets, here’s all you need to know to make the best decision:

What exactly is a Rim-Free Toilet?

Like many daily use products in the world, bathroom products also saw their fair share of trends, and the Rim-Free Toilet is certainly a significant part of bathroom trends that you need to keep up with. For a long time, toilets came with a traditional style of rims. Fundamentally, Rim-Free Toilets don’t have those rims as part of them, contrary to the traditional idea of toilets. When you flush using a Rim-Free toilet, you will be fascinated to see that the water does not flow around the rim to find its way into the bowl. ‘Then how does it work?’, you may wonder; Rim-Free Toilets use a direct flush technology wherein the water is shot around the pan’s edges. This makes it ideal for cleaning easily!

 Benefits of owning a Rim-Free Toilet

– As hygienic as it gets

While regular toilets surely serve the purpose of hygiene, Rim-Free Toilets are a step ahead in this regard and take hygiene to the next level with its design and functionality. So, you’re not just gonna find it easier to clean but also way more hygienic than a common toilet style. As mentioned earlier, cleaning standard toilet rims is very difficult and as a result, this leaves room for unhygienic elements to form; germs and limescale. 

Naturally, a Rim-Free Toilet is devoid of such negative possibilities and is highly superior when it comes to hygiene, compared to a standard toilet. As discussed earlier, most Rim-Free Toilets use a direct flush technology through which the pan is meticulously cleaned in a more effective manner, compared to standard toilets. Experience a cleaner toilet after every single flush! 

– Saving water daily

By now you know that Rim-Free Toilets are superior to regular toilets with regards to the cleaning aspect. However, it would blow your mind to also know that the flush technology of Rim-Free toilets doesn’t just guarantee more effective cleaning, but does so while using significantly less water than a standard toilet’s flush. At Kerovit, we believe in making the bathroom an eco-friendlier space and our Rim-Free toilets will help you do your bit towards building a greener tomorrow. Also, congratulations in advance for getting a lower water bill, after having a Rim-Free toilet installed! 

– Experience true ease of cleaning

When it comes to a traditional toilet, the rim cleaning process tends to get very tedious and unpleasant. Since the rim is considerably small in size, having to clean it using a brush or even a sponge is annoying due to its difficulty. You then decide to put a toothbrush to the task, yet you will still feel like you couldn’t meticulously clean the toilet rim. Now you may feel like appling bleach would do the job, yet you end up still feeling dissatisfied with the level of cleaning you could achieve for the rim. 

Now imagine how amazing it would all be if there was no rim at all! That’s precisely the joy that comes along with Rim-Free Toilets, as you can properly get it all spick and span with just a wipe in one even motion. Whatever you clean will be fully visible to you and you can now say goodbye to using toilet brushes! 

Installing a Rim-Free Toilet

The installation of Rim-Free Toilets is similar to that of conventional toilets, so you need not fret about having to do any extra work. Keep in mind that your Rim-Free toilet can either be a one-piece toilet, wall hung toilet or an extended wall hung toilet. While a dual flush cistern usually comes along with one-piece Rim-Free toilets, you will most likely need to purchase it separately in case you’re planning to have a wall hung Rim-Free toilet installed in your bathroom.

There you go! We hope you can now make a more informed decision about making the shift to Rim-Free Toilets and taking your bathroom to the next level


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